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Virtual Therapies

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Online therapy? Hypnosis via our computer? Chatting private issues via zoom? And what about the kids hanging around? During lockdown therapists have beeen treating mind-matter from home to home- and people had to get creative to seak some privacy: sitting in the car outside, up in the loft or in the back yard have been some of the most popular choices....

by Valeria Sesto

When lockdown draw its curtains upon us, many people found themself cut off from seeing their regular therapists of any kind, including doctors. New issues were arising too, topping up the recurrent ones. The demand was high.

It was then that therapists and all sort of professionals started opening up a new world: Online consultations.

This was not as easy to embrace at the beginning. Specially in all related to the mind , where there is a need to discuss feelings and very private situations.

Yet the circumstances gave no other option than trying them out.

It was hard to believe one could have a good 'one-to-one' via the ever-growing in popularity, ZOOM!

Would I be able to relax?

To hear and be heard alright?

To be as open about m feelings and the issues that I need to discuss?

And furthermore:

How would I find some privacy when we are all together, unched up at home?

Not everyone has the luxury of a private office....

These and many other doubts arose, when the current happenings caught us all by surprise. However, time proved that technology was at hand and that we coulds do almost anything online!

Way before lockdown, in the days when I was competing internationally and at very high level, sometimes with the expectations to win, I founf myself is situations when I needed to discuss certain issues with someone in my team. But my team was back home! It wa then when I tried online communication. First from Qatar, just before a World Championship. Then it was Argentina and also China. The result of the sessions was no different to that face to face. I eveno managed some hypnosis , whilst being thousand of miles away ( I particularly remember that in my hotel room in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, Argentina ; I then went to win the 100k against relentless Patagonian winds- and not just the ladies, but an outright win).

Of course nothing can beat a face to face encounter, a hug, a kiss. But if the circumstances prevent this from being possible, an online meeting can be 'virtually' just as good!

Here we have a testimonial from a Lymington client who has experienced this during lockdown:

"Hi Gill,

Hope your doing ok and managing to stay safe in lockdown. 

I’d like to arrange another session with you, please.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say how well I felt after our last session, as I’d been finding lockdown quiet challenging with still having to work and then having the fire I was struggling somewhat. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about doing the Zoom meeting Session with you but I’d reached a point of need.  How wrong was I, I actually found it very easy and I almost felt I relaxed more as I was in my own home surrounding. I drifted very easily into the hypnosis and it was great to have the time back with you in safe, secure and relaxing surroundings. I just want to say that if any of your clients are feeling a bit apprehensive around this, like I was, they really don’t need to be. I found it really easy to set up, it is such a great way to say connected with you during lockdown. We’re very lucky to have the opportunity to stay connected and I would hate for someone to miss out because they felt unsure, I totally recommend it. Hence why I’m doing it again. 😁 Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks again 

J.C. Lymington '

Why not try it yourself? Our own therapist Gill Matthews is offering a 'first-online visit' free consultation. And you can book her, online, just go to bookings and you are only a few clicks away from there !

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