Original Salads

Updated: Jan 14

Lucy, Fiona, Helen and Granny Rosie share some ideas to give our salads a bit of a twist

By Lucy Kelly

Quinoa, cous cous, peas, dried apricots and toasted pine nuts.

Season to taste.

By Fiona Mayo

Puy lentil Salad with spinach, pakchoi, tomatoes, red chilli, cucumber, spring onions, red pepper and mange tout!

By Lucy Kelly

Fennel, lemon juice, walnut oil, radishes, tiny bit of salt and pepper.

By Granny Rosie

Quick Coleslow: Red cabbage celery grated carrot - run through some balsamic vinegar for healthy option.

By Helen Middle

Brown Rice Salad:

- 1 Mug of brown rice

- 6 spring onions diced

- 1red and 1green pepper diced

- Handful of raisins

- Fresh Parsley

Soy Souce dressing:

(mix together)

- 6oz sunflower oil

- 4tbs say sauce

- 2tbs lemons juice

- 1 clove garlic

Mix all just before serving and add a tray-full of toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and cashew nuts

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